5 Good Reasons To Enjoy A Salad For Your Next Meal

By SRK Editor

| Last updated November 21, 2018

salad for healthy diet

Regardless of the weather, salads make for a fantastically refreshing and healthy meal. While salads have a reputation for being weight-loss friendly, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be filling too!

Salads can be easy to make at home, as well as quick to order when eating out, just as Square Roots Kitchen proves with its pre-made and fully customizable salad options. Thanks to their multiple health benefits, consuming a serving of leafy greens each day can be one of the best habits to get into, summer or winter.

To get the most nutritional impact from your salads, let’s look at some of their benefits, what ingredients add extra dietary punch, and what to avoid to ensure that your dish stays nutritious and healthful.

Not only do salads taste great, but eating a large serving of fresh, raw vegetables each day can have significant positive health effects. Salads provide energy, vitality, help prevent disease and are a perfect meal for healthy weight loss purposes.

Here are some specific benefits salads can provide:

1. Salads are a natural source of fiber

Your leafy greens and raw veggies are a superb source of natural fiber, and consuming enough fiber each day reduces “bad” cholesterol, helps control blood sugar levels, helps with weight loss, and normalizes bowel movements.

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables have many nutritional benefits

The idea that fresh vegetables and fruits are essential to our good health and well-being isn’t anything we haven’t heard before, but it’s good to be reminded of it, as the following quote from an article at the Harvard School of Public Health does so brilliantly:

“A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar which can help keep appetite in check” (2).

The basis of any salad, leafy greens, offer a huge nutritional benefit. Further, brightly colored fruits and vegetables in the “red” family are of particular nutrition benefit, including tomatoes, red and orange peppers, and carrots.

3. Salads are great for weight control purposes

Eating a fiber-rich salad before your entree will help you to feel full faster, so you’ll consume less calories than you might when a meal is served without this appetizer. The more raw vegetables you can incorporate into your salad, the greater the potential positive effects will be.

4. Salads are a great way to aid the intake of healthy fats

Simply add a couple of tablespoons of mixed raw or roasted seeds like pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and ground flax or chia to boost your daily intake of good fats. Alternatively you can experiment with different types of oil in yoru dressings or add avocado to your greens to aid the intake of healthy fats as part of a balanced and healthy diet.

5. Improve muscle and bone performance

For healthy bone growth, a recommended full daily serving of vitamin K can be found in just 1 cup of watercress (100%), radicchio (120%) or spinach

The nutrients found in spinach not only help to build strong bones, they also help to improve the performance of the mitochondria – little structures inside our cells that help to produce energy, as well as inform and power our muscles.

srk healthy salad

At Square Roots Kitchen we understand the power of salads as part of a balanced and healthy diet, so much so that our menu offers 7 pre-made salad options as well as fully-customizable salads with protein options including steak, chicken, pulled pork and tofu, and a wide range of leafy green and vegetable options.

Check out the SRK Salad Menu to try some of the best salad options available in Chicago!

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