Best Salad Bar in Chicago For All You Salad Lovers

By SRK Editor

| Last updated September 10, 2019

Best Salad Bar in Chicago

It may not be known as one, but Chicago is becoming more and more of a salad-loving city. You can find salads everywhere, in convenience stores and white tablecloth restaurants. But finding one that’s worth eschewing the rest of the menu for? That was a tricky proposition.

Does anything really compare to the beauty of a fresh, fully-stocked salad bar? Of course not. It’s the perfect lunchtime meal for anyone who’s busy, hungry and trying to eat healthy. So here’s our take on the five freshest salad bars in town.



Some go as far as to say that R.J. Grunts invented the salad bar. Whether that’s true or not, it’s a testament to how long the salad bar at the first Lettuce Entertain You restaurant has been around for. R.J. grunts opened in 1970, and still today stocks more than 50 salad ingredients, a lot of which change daily.

This means that every visit equals almost endless options for a new salad concoction.

2056 Lincoln Park W.;


Founded and run by the minds behind the famous Au Cheval (and that burger!), 3 Greens Market offers an 18-foot salad bar filled with all sorts of salad toppings and offerings, with both hot and cold items availanle. From green papaya salad to fried chicken, 3 Greens Market will undoubtedly satisfy your salad craving no matter how peculiar it ay be!

354 W. Hubbard St.;


With outposts throughout the city, The Goddess and Grocer’s name says it all. Health-conscious eaters can truly thank the Goddesses for the delicious and tasty options available at their salad bar.
1649 N Damen Ave;


Located in a perhaps unexpected location for a salad bar, Chicagoans and visitors can enjoy Foodease’s comprehensive salad bar at Water Tower Place in between their shopping.

835 Michigan Avenue;


Admittedly, Square Roots Kitchen doesn’t quite have a conventional salad bar per se. That is, there is no counter filled with ingredients from which you can build your own salad yourself.

Instead, SRK’s large touch-screen technology allows you to input your fully-customizable salad ingredient options and voila, a couple of minutes later your salad will be ready for you, prepared by our fully-trained kitchen staff.

Looking for the best salad bars in Chicago? Look no further than our selections above. While Chicago is known for its hearty food, a lot of which is certainly not the healthiest, the city also offer plenty of healthy salad bar options for health-conscious eaters.