Company Lunch Catering Ideas for Events in Chicago

By SRK Editor

| Last updated August 5, 2019

Company Lunch Catering Ideas

Corporate catering in Chicago can be just as fun as going out to eat with your friends, but it should also be professional and effective.

Fun and unique catering ideas are important to get a company or group productive, but focus on food quality should also be just as important.

There are many occasions in the corporate world that require catering: meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, employee appreciation days, birthdays, rewards and ceremonies, and so on. Truthfully, you could find just about any excuse to host a catered meal in an office or business setting.

We have selected some corporate catering ideas to help you better plan your next Chicago corporate event, lunch meeting or conference:

  • Have a health-conscious menu. Order catering made from locally-sourced food options with high levels of nutritional value. Square Roots Kitchen is the perfect example of a catering option that offers a very health-conscious menu, ideal for your next catered lunch.
  • Give attention to dietary restrictions. Order a variety of foods that satisfy some of the more popular dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and organic. Be sure to ask for labels for the buffet or individual special lunches. This will also give your other, non-diet restricted guests a chance to try something new. Square Roots Kitchen’s fully customizable menu can provide a wide variety of catering options no matter the dietary restrictions of your company’s employees.
  • Host a cocktail hour. Just because you’re having a healthy salad or wrap, it doesn’t mean you can’t knock back a mixed drink or a beer. This is especially so if you’re catering a meal at the end of an office day, or during the weekend. Further, this allows for bonding time which will help increase productivity levels for the next time your group meets.
  • If you can, use round tables. Providing an eating area with round table enables your guests to all participate in discussion together, increasing team camaraderie and thus, productivity.
  • Utilize menu cards/boards. Need your guests to move through the catering line quicker? Some caterers provide menu cards with every order, but in case they do not, be sure to request them. In fact, you should receive labels on all boxed lunches as well for even more efficiency. This makes for quicker service, and less questions!
  • Ensure everyone at the company knows about the catering service! Put the food breaks on the agenda and send memos ahead of time. Publicize when (and where) your guests are going to be enjoying lunch and to eliminate repeat questions, provide detailed information and help reduce the amount of people looking around in anticipation of lunch hour. Doing so in advance will also mean people won’t be bringing in a lunch and won’t be scheduling a lunch meeting when the company is providing lunch for them.
  • Try to always have coffee available. Even if your food break is at an awkward, non-traditional coffee time, get coffee. Your office should always it ready anyways, but it’s even more important for it to be ready when serving your catered meal.

The best ideas happen over food, which is why we truly believe in the power, efficacy and importance of catering in the corporate world.

Square Roots Kitchen offers the best healthy catering options in Chicago, with a fully-customizable menu of salads, wraps, bowls and more that is suitable for all dietary restrictions of any kind. No matter the day or the occasion, we have got you covered for office lunches, family gatherings, or any type of event whether serving 10 or 1,000. To top it off, we have a reward system in place as a thank you for your continued business with us.

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