Fast Food Can Be Healthy Too: Losing Weight by Eating Healthy

By SRK Editor

| Last updated November 12, 2018

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Ask any fitness expert and they will agree: if you’re trying to lose weight you will need to do more than just put in serious time at the gym: a healthy diet is a must!

Bad diets are often caused by misinformation and lack of control from the individual. Excessive food intake is one of the main causes of obesity, but when we are discussing excessive food intake we aren’t talking mere quantity, but also quality.

Simply put, the human body gains and loses weight through caloric intake, or lack of it. Looking at food as our enemy is the wrong way about it. Food can be your greatest friend, you just need to know which food are good for you, and which are not.

This article will discuss different kinds of food you should consume to initiate weight loss, bearing in mind that weight loss can only be activated by consuming less calories than your body consumes on any given day.

Before we begin discussing actual food, it is vital to understand the meaning of “healthy food.” Generally, healthy foods are considered to be those foods that are beneficial to one’s health. Oftentimes healthy food has high nutritional value, but not always. Other times, healthy foods are those considered to have specific health benefits – foods that claim to prevent and cut back specific diseases and body ailments can be considered as healthy foods. Moreover, “healthy food” can also be considered to be any food that isn’t junk food.

Losing weight by eating healthy food is a way of life

In losing weight by eating healthy food, one must remember to also eat healthy food in right amounts. In reality, there are no good or bad foods, there are just some that are better than others. More importantly, there are just foods eaten in wrong and excessive amounts. In order to lose weight, you don’t have to stop eating the fries, hamburgers and steaks for the rest of your life; you just have to cut back on the intake.

You have to always keep in mind the concept of the food pyramid. The food pyramid is your perfect guide to the amounts you should take each of the food groups. Basically, you just need to have more amounts of those food groups on the bottom than of those on the top.

Food pyramid

So, what healthy foods can help you lose weight? Here are the 20 most weight-loss-friendly foods on earth that are supported by science:

1. Whole Eggs
2. Leafy Greens
3. Salmon
4. Cruciferous Vegetables
5. Lean Beef and Chicken Breast
6. Boiled Potatoes
7. Tuna
8. Beans and Legumes
9. Soups
10. Cottage Cheese
11. Avocados
12. Apple Cider Vinegar
13. Nuts
14. Whole Grains
15. Chili Pepper
16. Fruit
17. Grapefruit
18. Chia Seeds
19. Coconut Oil
20. Full-Fat Yogurt

More info on these foods can be found here.

In dieting, never make very abrupt changes. To get optimum weight loss results, take small and gradual steps. Give the body the time to adjust to your changes. Dieting is not just a regimen; it is a way of life. Losing weight by eating healthy food should be a way of life.

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