Ordering Your Next Healthy Meal In Chicago Is Easy!

By SRK Editor

| Last updated March 6, 2019


Ordering your next healthy meal shouldn’t be a chore, yet it often feels that way given that most ordering apps do not really give you full ingredient and nutritional information for the meals you may be choosing.

At Square Roots Kitchen we immediately noticed that this was a problem, and wanted to ensure that our customers could enjoy the same ordering experience at home or the office as they do in-store. After-all, SRK is not just about food, it’s about the overall experience.

Today’s busy lifestyles makes it harder than ever to eat healthy. Our founding team faced this same problem and set out to create a restaurant that no longer forces diners to sacrifice quality and taste for speed of service.

Following our revolutionary in-store technology, we set about making ordering your next healthy salad, wrap or bowl easier than ever. Whether you’re in the office looking to order your lunch for the day, or at home after work or on the weekend, you can now avail yourself of SRK’s ordering technology via mobile app also!

Ordering is simple, and so is knowing and understanding exactly what you will be putting into your body. Customizing has never been easier with SRK’s mobile app and in-store touch panels. Whether you want to double your proteins and avocado or need to filter by diet or allergy, our customize feature puts all of the information at your finger tips so that we can prepare your perfect entrée.

appetizing SRK entree

Every SRK ingredient is carefully selected for its nutrition and taste, and then our database does all the work for you. If you need to filter by diets and allergies, or simply want to know how many calories you’re getting, we’ve got you covered.

Furthermore, we made it easy for you to order for a group. Ordering for the whole office is easier than splitting a cab thanks to the way our app has been built! Our group ordering tool lets you and your group each build customized meals, pay for them separately, and get it all in one delivery.

Click HERE to download the SRK App for android via Google Play, or HERE to download it for iOS via the App Store. Should you want to make a larger catering order for your entire company or a party, you can now avail yourself of Square Roots Kitchen’s catering ordering system, which includes a fantastic reward system for repeat catering orders.