SRK: The Benefits Of Kiosk Integration and the Viability of “Build-Your-Own” Options

By SRK Editor

| Last updated April 3, 2019

SRK Kiosk

Square Roots Kitchen was founded on the belief that anyone looking for a healthy meal in Chicago (and beyond!) should be able to get one easily, rapidly, and at a relatively good price, no matter the dietary requirements.

Everything at Square Roots Kitchen was designed to make this possible. From the fully customizable menu, the ordering technology that keeps track of your macros, our proprietary mobile apps and of course our ordering kiosks, everything at SRK is built with the exact goal in mind of allowing you to build your next healthy meal in seconds, and at a relatively cheap market price too!

In order to make this happen, we have adopted state-of-the-art self-order technology, promising customers a convenient and accurate ordering experience. While more restaurants are adopting the technology, a host of questions remain concerning self-order kiosks and online orders.

Last month, a panel of technology self-service pioneers at the Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit in Louisville last week addressed issues such as kiosk integration with mobile orders, impact on labor, cash acceptance, impact on human interaction, serving alcohol and the viability of “build-your-own” options. These pioneers included SRK Co-Founder and CEO Derin Alemli, who expressed his views on these very interesting subjects.

While kiosks may not be replacing labor, operators still have to respond to the perception that they are. Alemli said he makes the argument that kiosks allow employees to do a “higher-grade” job that pays them better. He said the employee ends up spending less time on routine tasks and more time on customer service, thus ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction for anyone who orders at SRK.

If you’ve ever been skeptical of the concept of a fully self-servicing restaurant, don’t be! SRK has a greeter ready to help you anytime you enter our store, a decision made to ensure that “there is still a human connection,” as Alemli explained. “There are just fewer humans in the store.” Alemli explained that all workers at SRK are fully trained on the kiosks and ordering technology, and are there to help should anything be needed.

Ultimately, SRK’s self-ordering kiosk puts every meal into your hand, quite literally, from the moment you step into the store until you’ve finished eating it. At our kiosks you’re able to choose exact ingredients for each of your salad, bowl or wrap, and you can input exact dietary restrictions and meal specifications, thus building your entire meal as you want it in a matter of seconds. The SRK staff does the rest, preparing it for you in just a few minutes so that you can enjoy your next healthy salad, wrap or bowl quickly and easily.

As you can imagine, our kiosks allow for our staff to focus on food quality and service, ensuring your meal is not only healthy, but properly prepared, quickly delivered and at a fraction of the cost that it would otherwise be charged.

Check out the Square Roots Kitchen menu online here, or alternatively download the app for iOS or Android to place your next order for pick-up, delivery or catering. Big catering orders for your office or party can also be placed via our special catering portal here.