The Answer To The Customization Problem in the Food Industry

By SRK Editor

| Last updated September 19, 2018

Square Roots Kitchen
As Restaurant Nuts reports, the restaurant and food service industry is undergoing constant changes, moving further and further away from the mass-produced “fast-food” that so easily found its way into the U.S. consumer’s conscious as early as the 1920s.

Options on menus abound, as more and more customers demand meals that align with dietary and allergy restrictions. For restaurant owners this can be a challenge, for we all know that keeping menus as streamlined as possible is key to reducing costs, speeding up service and running an efficient food service operation.

So how does one avoid a literal kitchen nightmare while simultaneously providing the customization and healthy options that today’s average consumer is demanding?

Introducing Square Roots Kitchen and its revolutionary state-of-the-art concept: healthy and customizable fast food via rapid and simple touch-screen ordering technology.

When you enter Square Roots Kitchen, located at 120 S. Halsted St. in Chicago’s West Loop, you’re greeted not by cashiers, but by a selection of large touch-screens. The proprietary software technology installed in these touch-screens enable customers to input their dietary and allergy restrictions, and to fully customize their meal selection into salad, wrap or quinoa bowl options.

According to Technomic’s Flavor Consumer Trend Report, 72 percent of consumers expect restaurants to accommodate customization requests. These customized requests range from “hold the lactose” to practically reinventing an entrée. Instead of fighting the flow, Square Roots Kitchen embraced it and created something entirely revolutionary in its industry.

This new system allows Square Roots Kitchen to keep staffing overhead costs down, thus enabling the restaurant to serve fully-customizable meals rapidly and at a fraction of the cost, all the ensuring that menu ingredients are sourced locally for the freshest and most nutritious options available on the market.

Derin Alemli, SRK Co-Founder and CEO, explained the thought process behind this one-of-a-kind concept:

“What customers see is an ordering system, and so far, the feedback has been great. It gives our customers total personalization, dietary filtration, and real-time nutritional transparency. With the launch of our apps, our options allow them to save their profiles and keep ordering what they love from us for delivery, pickup, or in-store dining, in addition to catering options.”

As he mentioned, Square Roots Kitchen is not only a dine-in restaurant, but also provides delivery and pick-up options via an online ordering system on our website or thanks to a proprietary app available for download on both iOS and Android platforms.

Catering options are also readily available at Square Roots Kitchen, with a menu carefully crafted for office lunches, family gatherings, or any type of event. Catering orders can be placed by calling (773) 413-9711 or emailing