How Do Soft Close Drawers Work

The mechanism of a soft close drawer is simple. There is a small spring-loaded piston located at the back of the drawer. This piston is connected to the back wall of the drawer box via a metal rod.

As the drawer closes, the piston compresses the spring and allows the rod to slide forward, slowly pushing the drawer closed.

If you’ve ever had a drawer slam shut on your fingers, you know how important soft close drawers can be. But how do they work? Soft close drawers use special hardware that slows down the rate at which the drawer closes.

This hardware is usually integrated into the drawer itself, so you don’t have to worry about installing it yourself. When the drawer is closing, the soft close mechanism engages and starts to slow it down. This allows you to close the drawer gently, without having to worry about it slamming shut.

Soft Close Drawer Mechanism

If you’re looking for a drawer mechanism that offers a gentle, quiet close, then you may want to consider a soft close drawer mechanism. These mechanisms are designed to slowly and smoothly close your drawer, preventing it from slamming shut. There are a few different types of soft close drawer mechanisms available on the market.

One type is a spring-loaded system that uses springs to gradually pull the drawer closed. Another common type is a hydraulic system that uses oil-filled cylinders to slow down the closing process. No matter which type of soft close drawer mechanism you choose, you’re sure to appreciate the added safety and convenience it provides.

Not only will you no longer have to worry about your drawers slamming shut, but you’ll also be able to open and close them with ease.

How to Adjust Soft Close Drawers

If your drawers are closing too slowly or not soft-closing at all, there are a few things you can do to adjust them. Most soft-close drawer mechanisms have an adjustment screw that you can turn to speed up or slow down the closing action. To adjust a soft-close drawer, first identify where the adjustment screw is located.

It is usually on the side of the drawer box or on the underside of the drawer front. Then, use a Phillips head screwdriver to turn the screw clockwise to speed up the closing action or counterclockwise to slow it down. You may need to experiment a bit to find the perfect setting for your particular drawer, but once you do, your drawers will close smoothly and quietly every time!

Soft Closing Drawer Slides Problems

If your soft closing drawer slides are giving you trouble, there are a few things you can do to fix the problem. First, check to make sure that the slides are properly aligned. If they’re not, adjust them so that they are.

Next, check to see if the tracks are clean and free of debris. If they’re not, clean them with a damp cloth. Finally, make sure that the drawer is not overloaded.

If it is, remove some of the items from it so that it’s not so heavy.

How to Fix Soft Close Drawers

If your soft close drawers are sticking or not working properly, there are a few things you can do to fix them. First, check to make sure that the drawer slides are clean and free of debris. If they are dirty, wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Next, check to see if the drawer is properly aligned in the opening. If it is not, use a screwdriver to adjust the screws on the side of the drawer until it is level. Finally, if the problem persists, you may need to replace the soft close mechanism itself.

What is Soft Close Drawer Slides

When it comes to choosing drawer slides for your cabinets, you have a few different options. One option is soft close drawer slides. These are becoming increasingly popular in both residential and commercial applications.

Here’s a look at what soft close drawer slides are and how they work. What Are Soft Close Drawer Slides? Soft close drawer slides are a type of slide that uses a mechanism to slowly and quietly close the drawer when it’s pushed shut.

This is in contrast to standard drawer slides, which simply allow the drawer to slam shut. The soft close feature is beneficial because it prevents the drawers from making noise and slamming shut, which can damage the contents of the drawer or even cause injury if someone’s fingers happen to be in the way when it closes. How Do Soft Close Drawer Slides Work?

The mechanism that makes soft close possible is typically located near the back of the slide. As the drawer is pushed closed, this mechanism engages and slowly pulls the drawer closed until it’s fully latched. Most mechanisms use springs or hydraulics to create this smooth closing action.

Some models also feature a dampening system that further reduces noise and vibration as the drawer shuts.

How Do Soft Close Drawers Work


How Does a Soft Closing Drawer Work?

A soft closing drawer is a drawer that uses a mechanism to slowly and quietly close the drawer. This is usually done with a spring or hydraulic system. The soft closing drawer is a great feature to have in any kitchen because it helps to avoid slamming drawers and makes them easier to close.

How Do You Engage Soft Close Drawers?

If you’re looking for a drawer that closes softly and quietly, you’ll want to look for one that has soft close hardware. This type of hardware is designed to slowly and gently close the drawer, without making any noise. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a way to avoid slamming drawers shut.

To engage soft close drawers, simply push them closed until you hear the latch click into place. The drawer should then close smoothly and quietly on its own. If it doesn’t seem to be closing properly, make sure that the latch is fully engaged.

You may need to give it a little extra push to get it started. Once you’ve got the hang of it, using soft close drawers will be a breeze!

Can You Adjust the Tension on Soft Close Drawers?

If your soft-close drawer is closing too slowly or not closing at all, you may need to adjust the tension. This is a simple adjustment that can be made with a screwdriver. First, open the drawer and locate the adjustable rear mounting bracket.

There will be a small hole in the bracket with a Phillips head screw inside. Turn the screw clockwise to tighten the tension and counterclockwise to loosen it. Test the drawer several times after making an adjustment to ensure that it is working properly.

Why is My Soft Close Drawer Not Working?

If your soft close drawer isn’t working, there are a few things you can check to troubleshoot the issue. First, make sure that the drawer is properly aligned in the frame. If it’s not, adjust it until it is.

Next, check to see if the drawer slides are installed correctly and are not binding on anything. If they’re not, loosen or remove them and try again. Finally, check the roller mechanism to see if it’s working properly.

If it’s not, you may need to replace it.

Soft Close Technology; what is it and how does it work on drawer slides.


If you’ve ever had a cabinet or drawer slam shut on your fingers, you know how important soft-close features can be. Soft-close drawers and cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens and bathrooms because they add an extra level of safety and convenience. But how do soft close drawers work?

There are two main types of soft close mechanisms: hydraulic and pneumatic. Hydraulic soft closes use oil or another fluid to slow the closing speed of the drawer or door. Pneumatic soft closes use air pressure to achieve the same result.

Both types of mechanism rely on sensors that detect when the drawer or door is about to close. When these sensors are triggered, they activate the soft close mechanism, which then slows down the closing speed so that it doesn’t damage your fingers or anything else in its path. Hydraulic soft closes tend to be more common because they’re less expensive to produce than pneumatic ones.

However, pneumatic mechanisms tend to be smoother and quieter, so it’s really a matter of personal preference as to which type you prefer.

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